2009 June

Finally Home

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Posey’d up!

Back 360?

F*ck you COYNE.

I guess…

Shane is the IllA!

Tall man small ladder

Small man small ladder.

Dave be crunkin it!

Hes a beast, warm ups.

R.I.P Michael Jackson

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Yupp, soo bummed! I got 11 Calls 7 Text and 3 IM’s
Telling me he passed, and they said ” I thought of
you when i heard the news, and wanted to tell you”
But i feel like hes happy now finally somewhere GREAT!
You will be missed MICHAEL! May you Rest In Peace.
Here are 5 of my Fav. Michael Songs
(I Like them all)

On The Road To Providence

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The Serge Man Gettin Buck.



American Apparel Ad?


Who got a curtains in slap and for Wat trick?

Jones gettin it.

New Indy Nuts.

OOOHHHhhh babaaay
Pat Donfro – Ollie Up Back Lip

Shop Hype: Cals Pharmacy

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Portlands own Cals Pharmacy.

Most DLX Kid!
AAALEEXXX Bellerud. haha

Illest Switch Frontside flips right here!

Alot of sick shoes!

Manny Approved, Bobby Worrest Es Pro models.