2009 May


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The Dave Man wows me once again, OK so
everyone knows fackie front side flips are
kinda weird to begin with, now try it into
a grass hill see what happens!
Or click on the photo to watch.

Road To Wallenberg

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LA to SF, straight to Wallenberg.

Lix likes to keep his thoughts safe.


Ross and Dumo holding it down for Street Corner.

Hustle Jamie or a Taliban you choose! haha

Phelps trying to take control.

Z trying to back heel it.

Cole back 360 2nd try.

Joe Brook!

Lindsey does the most perfect back heel!

We everywhere.

J-Lay switch 3 flip attempt.

Jordan HoffartVarial heel
(I know i just barely got it, but at least i got it!)


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Oh man the last Wallenberg contest!
its gonna be intense, I’m sitting at Starbucks using
the free Internet and drinking  my grande coffee
thinking of who’s gonna do Wat and Wat tricks are gonna
go down! All i can think of are these….
Kickflip – Eddie Craig
Heelflip – Lindsey 
Back 180 – Luis Tolentino
Frontsideflip – Reynolds
Backsideflip – Sheckler
Hardflip – Andrew Pott
Varial heel – Reynolds
360 Flip – Chris Cole
Switch flip – Cody McEntire, Furby
Switch heel – Cody McEntire, Furby
Nollie – Torey Pudwill
BackBigspin – Cody McEntire
Frontbigspin – Serge Murphy
Doubleflip – Tony Manfre
Lets see how many i get right!

Photos With Nathans Camera

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Jones and Pang Conversating.

 I Made Jay try Fronsideflip again after he landed it.

The result was a rolled anckle, sry buddy.

Fuck you Chase!

Kuzma deep in thought.

Mac man always smillin.

The Dave man looking craze.

Good friends skating having fun.