2009 April

Duck Hunt: Jeremy Adams

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Name: Jeremy Adams
Age: 24
Home: East Los Angeles, Ca
Inspiration: To show people something they
can’t see on a everyday basis, its my interpretation
on how i see the world of skateboarding.
Setup: Canon, Some Flashes, and Stands

Trick: Gap Backside 5-0
Skater: Andrew Pott, He knows Wat spots he
wants to skate! He asked to go to this spot to
check out and out the car he kickflips over it 
2nd try, then he’s like “i want to grind it!” So two
tries later boom does it, I shot the photo to show
how big the gap is. I mean how f*cked is it to grind
a newspaper bow!
Spot: Downtown LA

Trick: Switch Heel
Skater: Manny Santiago, I shot this photo in
the middle of the gap to show how big it is, it
sucked that you hit a huge poll after the gap,
if you were regular you wouldn’t have it the poll
but i need u to face me for the photo! 
Spot: Downtown LA

Trick: Front Krook
Skater: Luis Tolentino, I wanted to show
the tweaked as f*ck long frontside krook
and wanted to show downtown. The spot is a
new spot in LA and people think its sketchy
but not for Luis! He is from NYC so nothing
for him in the west coast is sketchy, i thought 
the spot would be perfect for him.
Spot: LA
If you Like these photos and want to let him
know or are in the area and want to shoot
some photos hit him up!
Email: JeremyAdamsPhotography@yahoo.com


Abair Is King!

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STAY LAMEjonah over at LowCard made 
me feel lame when he wooped me 2 games straight
in ping pong, wat a way to start the day!

Dave Abair is gnarly!

Landed it on the try for Cheese Cake Factory!

“El Diablo” drink ????

Thats why they call it El Diablo!

Abair is king and got buckets today!

EB Hype: Know The Ledge

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Eastern Boarder and Raw Skateboards get
together and are throwing a “Know The Ledge”
Contest…yupp Ledge contest so bring your 
bag of tricks! if not study the PJ WHL video.

May 17th 2:00pm Plus
High Ollie Contest