2008 December

Moms Birthday

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Moms 45th Birthday..yupp times
moving fast but anyone that knows
my mom, She’s the shit!

Katie and I decided we wanted to decorate
the cake, considering since Mom is a red sox fan
(CRAZY FAN!)we went with this!..haha

Separated At Birth?

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It came to my attention that Boston
Celtics Tony Allen and Sacramento
local, Homie Apollo Cutts look a like
and seem that their separated at birth,
both hungry and fast so i dont know 
think about and look at the obvious.


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Nor’easter????…so glad to be home….Not.

Where’s Raphael?

Yup had to do it!…Dave will
be proud.

The Best Part.

Legos are the ill dope, never mind 
Kung Fu“Nicky”Panda, i got
an Early gift…Thanks Babe.

Am I Lucky?

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Katies Cooking Show.

Chicken Baked Ziti and  Garlic Bread
Good i get any luckier?…. 

Completely amazing….I’m a Lucky
Guy….Shes Mysterious.

Christmas Hype

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Christmas joy looks like its around the
corner, Pang no matter were we are
your here some how, Katie showing 
you love. hahaha